czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

The Best of Me ♥

The American drama directed by Michael Hoffman.
Dawson Cole (James Marsden) is a boy brought up in a family in a town considered to be the most dangerous. His family is inclined to violence, he has problems with alcohol and is involved in drug-related matters. Amanda Collier (Michelle Monaghan), in turn, brought up in the traditional values that have made that wants to be a teacher. Differences of origin and unsympathetic people that make these two can not be together, but we both very much desire. Dawson, who in his youth had killed a man, he can not put up with it and repents, living alone and working on oil rigs. Amanda gets married, he has three children, but still cannot experience happiness. After years they meet in his hometown for the funeral of a friend. Feelings came back but the past does not give them peace.

A beautiful film about love. Unfortunately, life is not always wonderful. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. But the old love everything will survive.

The Fault in Our Stars ♥

American dramatic affair of 2014, directed by Josh Boone. The film is an adaptation of the novel by John Green's „The Fault in Our Stars”.
The main characters of the film - Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) are teenagers, who despite his young age they had to face adversity. She - sixteen diagnosed with cancer and with overprotective parent, He - former basketball player, whom the world collapsed when his leg was amputated. They met at a meeting of a support group for cancer patients. In addition to the hardships they merged their love of books. She wants to know the author's favorite novel, Peter van Houten (Willem Dafoe). However, despite attempts to contact, the meeting did not materialize. But he did not give up. He manages to get in touch and get an invitation to meet with the writer in Amsterdam. As a traveling companion decides to take the girl.
A beautiful story of love and death. I encourage you to look at the fate of the characters.
Unfortunately, the end of the film is tragic. This is not another movie ended happily.
Personally, I love these movies. Next beautiful movie, where you can cry. You can watch it a few times and never get tired. There are beautiful lyrics about life, love and death.
You must see it!

- Okay - said. - Maybe "okay" will be our "forever".

- Okay - I agreed.

The world is not factory wishes fulfilled


środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Perfect actor ♥

Robert "Rob" Douglas Thomas Pattinson
(b. May 13, 1986 in London) - British film and theater actor and musician and composer. Known primarily for his role as Edward Cullen from Twilight film adaptation. His mother, Clare, works at a modeling agency and his father, Richard, imported cars from USA
He graduated from the school: Tower House School and Harrodian School in London.

He appeared on stage in William Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth.
As a child he played football teams, went skiing and snowboarding. He was also a musician - he practiced playing the guitar and keyboards.

The popularity earned him the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which he played Cedric Diggory form. Three years later, he starred in the adaptation of the international bestseller titled Twilight. He played the character of Edward Cullen. In this film included are two songs sung by Pattinson - "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign".
Personally, I love him for his role in this film. I like him also for his role in Remember Me. It is a drama. Robert Pattinson played the rebellious boy who often took part in fights. Later, he falls in love and very much changing.
In both films, Pattinson played perfectly.
I really like to watch movies with him in the lead role.